Residential Property Survey

Whether you are purchasing a home or building a new addition, know the boundaries or your property with Merrimack Engineering Services, Inc. of Andover, Massachusetts. Our experts provide land survey and civil engineering services tailored to exactly what a homeowner needs.

Surveying for Homeowners

Count on our dedicated team of land survey, civil engineering, and environmental consulting professionals to devise plans or offer solutions to your specific problems. Our complete list of residential services includes:

• Residential Lot Surveys
• Property Line Boundary Surveys
• Topographic Surveys
• Form a Subdivision Plans
• Residential Plot Plans for House Additions
• Mortgage Plot Plans
• Condominium Conversion Plans
• Lot Line Adjustment Plans
• Site Plans for a New Garage & Addition Construction
• Septic System Design Plans
• Percolation Testing
• Site Grading Plans
• FEMA Elevation Certificates, LOMA, & eLOMA Applications
Top View - Property Survey

Contact us to have all the information needed to complete your home building project with our property survey services.