Detailed Land Surveying

When you are looking to build on your residential, commercial, or municipal property, look no further than Merrimack Engineering Services, Inc. of Andover, Massachusetts. Our experts perform comprehensive land surveys to ensure you know every aspect of your property.

Surveying - Land Surveying

All-Inclusive Support

From residential lots to complex commercial boundary and engineering surveys, our professionals have vast experience with every aspect of surveying. Our extensive range of services includes:

• Residential Lot Surveys
• Property Line & Boundary Surveys
• Topographic Surveys
• Alta Surveys
• Form A Subdivision Plans
• Chapter 40B Subdivision & Site Plans
• Definitive Subdivision Plans
• Construction Layout
• Plot Plans
• Mortgage Survey Plans
• Wetland Location
• Local & State-Level Permitting
• Representation at Planning Board & Other Meetings
• Obtaining Approvals
• Filing Plans & Permit Applications
• Condominium Conversion Plans
• FEMA Elevation Certificates, LOMA, & eLOMA Applications
• Global Positioning System Surveys
• Shopping Centers
• Retail Facilities
• Single Family & Multi-Family Developments
• Industrial Parks
• Industrial Site Development
• Roadway Reconstruction & Intersection Design
• Parks & Playground Improvements

Dedication to Quality

Regardless of the type and size of your application, we approach every project with the utmost accuracy and commitment, including:

• Precision: Our state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation ensure accuracy and quality control.
• Experience: In addition to surveying, we are experts in the areas of local, city, and county government regulations and requirements.
• Coordination: We have acted as an effective liaison between real estate professionals, engineers, attorneys, and brokers acting as the key project point of contact.
• Time & Budget:

We do not see these as constraints. Our team is flexible and able to find the best and most economical way to complete your project to meet your deadline.

Contact us to schedule a boundary and topographic land survey to ensure you understand every facet of your property prior to construction.