Specialized Civil Engineering

At Merrimack Engineering Services, Inc. of Andover, Massachusetts, we have engineers who coordinate their efforts with architects, landscapers, and owners to provide comprehensive solutions to any site development issues. No matter what your civil engineering project, we do everything possible to provide complete support.

Comprehensive Service

In addition to land surveying and planning, our specialists provide the following civil engineering services for your convenience:

• Residential Site Design & Plans
• Commercial & Industrial Site Design & Plans
• Multi-Family Site Plans
• Site Grading Plans
• Subdivision Design & Permitting
• Storm Drainage Modeling
• Storm Drainage Collection & Mitigation System Design
• Water Supply System Design
• Sanitary Sewer Design
• Innovative, Alternative, & Septic System Design
• Percolation Testing
• Septic System Design Plans
• Roadway Design
• Parking Lot Design
• Construction Observation
• Athletic Facility Design
• Municipal Support Services
• Expert Testimony
Construction Plans - Civil Engineering

Contact us to ensure your civil engineering project is completed accurately from start to finish.